Live your ideal retirement by making smart decisions with your money

Our ONE-ON-ONE RETIREMENT PLANNING is for people (like you!) who want to optimise their finances and have complete confidence leading into retirement. We work with you to clearly define your retirement goals and ensure you make the correct financial decisions during your final working years. You’ll know precisely when you can afford to retire and the step-by-step plan to get you there.

We’ve helped 100s of people reach their retirement goals

"They know the systems back to front and look at each individuals situation and develop strategies to get the best for their clients."

Melanie M.

"They gave us the confidence that we could retire now and that was just such a good feeling!"

Catherine G.

The hidden cost of procrastinating

Is retirement planning sitting in your “do it later” basket?

The decisions you make today have a massive impact on the quality of your retirement later. And the longer you put off those decisions the bigger the impact.

It’s time to put retirement planning on your “do it now” list.

Every single day that you aren’t building your retirement plan, is reducing the quality of life you will have in retirement. The compounded benefits of investment earnings and tax savings (not to mention costly mistakes) can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or one where you are just scraping by.

Don’t let this time go to waste.

The opportunities you are missing out on right now could easily be costing you thousands of dollars each year now and throughout retirement. Or worse, force you to work years longer than you have to (or want to!)

Do you really want to continue working well after your friends have already retired?

So what do you do? Scour the internet for free information, save yourself some money and try to plan your retirement finances without any professional help?

Not quite…

Planning your retirement isn’t something you can afford to get wrong

There’s a lot to think about in the lead up to retirement.

As you wrap up your working years and become solely reliant on your super, savings and investments as a source of income during retirement, you could find yourself becoming a little overwhelmed.

You may ask yourself some key questions with greater urgency each day:

Have I saved enough for retirement? Is my money invested in the best way for my future? Should I pay off my mortgage? What about tax?

After all, you need to be sure your money will outlast you — despite increases in the cost of living, investment market ups and downs and the inevitable spanner in the works.

So the most important question to ask yourself is….

Am I confident I’m making the best possible decisions for my retirement?

While you may have a plan for retirement, have you ensured it’s taken into consideration your retirement needs, expenses, income sources, taxes, inflation and everything in between?

It’s easy to get it wrong (and we’d rather you not!) A crucial mistake or a missed opportunity now could set you back years in your retirement.

Retirement planning isn’t something you want to stuff up!

So what to do?

If you’re someone who wants to:

  • Maximise your financial position to get the most out of your retirement,
  • Know when you can afford to retire AND how much income you can live on each year; and
  • Minimise risk and potential mistakes that could set you back,

… then the solution is simple.

Instead of stumbling around the dark on your own — work directly with the team at SuperGuy and get retirement-ready.

Get retirement ready with help from our advice team

Working with our advice team is the first step to transitioning to a stress-free retirement. We are experts at helping 50 to 70 year olds get comfortable and confident in their retirement plan.

We will help you:

 Get clarity on your goals and objectives. Much of our initial time together is devoted to discussing your goals and where you see yourself in the months, years and decades that lay ahead. Only by knowing where you are headed can we determine what you should be doing now.

 Optimise your finances. With your goals as our basis, we organise your finances and allocation of income to be aligned with what you would like to achieve.

 Retire sooner. Implementing strategies specific to your situation will undoubtedly increase your wealth and provide you with more for retirement.

 Avoid costly mistakes. Superannuation, investment and retirement rules change every single year and there are thousands of them. One mistake can set you back years – we will steer you clear of these.

 Give you the confidence you’re on track. Our personalised long-term projections give you the big picture of your retirement outcome. It will provide you with perspective on the decisions you make now and how they could influence your future.

We’ll give you the step-by-step, year by year strategy that you need to alleviate overwhelm and give you confidence in your retirement, so that you can enjoy the things that retirement was meant for.

Let’s Get You Retirement Ready!

Feel financially secure with your retirement

Whether you’re 10 years from retirement, 5 years, or ready to resign tomorrow, we’re here to help…

Our purpose is to help you feel financially secure and confident about living the retired life you’ve always envisaged.

We work with you to create a retirement plan with your specific goals and aspirations in mind.

You’ll have a clear vision of what your retirement is going to look like and a strategic, step-by-step financial plan to turn that vision into your reality.


How it works

With our unique approach to personal retirement planning, we follow a specific proven process. Here’s how it works:

01. Discover

The first step is to learn about YOU.

1. Who you are – Your personality, what motivates you, and what’s important to you.
2. Where you are financially… and also whether you’re working full-time, part-time OR not at all and lastly and most importantly,
3. Where you want to be in retirement and your ideal work plans between now and then.

02. Project

We request that you provide us with all of your financial details, including income, expenses, assets and liabilities. This way we know exactly what position you are currently in. We use this as a starting point to see if you are on-track to achieving the goals you want to achieve.

03. Provide Advice

We use our smarts to optimise your financial position, minimise tax, maximise your investments, control risk and document all of our recommendations to get you to where you want to be. We put a solid foundation and strategy in place, so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

04. Implement

We help you implement the recommendations, complete all the paperwork, and deal with the super fund on your behalf so you don’t need to worry. You can be confident everything is done correctly and you’re heading in the right direction.

05 Review

We check in with you each and every year to see how you’re going and whether or not you need any updated advice or projections based on any changes to your situation.

It’s a proven and personalised process that we know works. We keep your finances straightforward, yet effective, so you can feel confident, stress less and enjoy your retirement more.

Let’s Get You Retirement Ready!

A retirement plan with your specific goals in mind

With your goals as our basis, we organise your finances and allocation of income so they are 100% in alignment with what you would like to achieve in retirement.

Whether that’s more travel, time with family, working on hobbies you’ve neglected or simply not having to worry about money… we can help you have the retirement you’ve always wanted.

We will guide you on how to build a solid retirement plan that will help you have a secure (and fun!) retired life.

Smart strategies to help you retire sooner

We use our smarts to optimise your financial position, minimise tax, maximise your investments, and control risk to get you to where you want to be — sooner.

With the right retirement plan in place and by implementing strategies specific to your individual situation we can help you increase your wealth and retire with financial stability.

Meet the team

As the SuperGuy community evolved, more and more people began asking for personal advice in their lead-up to retirement.

Chris Strano, a former-adviser himself, decided to team up with the highly-experienced Shane Lawler….

…and Toro Wealth was born.

Chris has a clear-vision of how an advice firm should be modelled and run, with the best-interests of the clients at the forefront, just as SuperGuy had been built. While Chris is focusing on the business operation side of things, it allows Shane to focus on providing high-quality, personalised advice day-in-day-out.

Though they each have their individual roles in the business, Chris and Shane make sure they brainstorm every single client strategy together, to ensure that your retirement plan is optimised, based on what you would like to achieve.

Chris Strano

Chris Strano has been specialising in superannuation and retirement planning since 2006. He has had a diverse range of roles within the industry, including financial planner, paraplanner and technical analyst. He has also served on the committee for the QLD Chapter of the SMSF Association.

Chris spends his time equally between creating content for the SuperGuy community and working on strategies for each of Toro Wealth’s clients.

In his spare time, Chris can be found at the beach with his wife and two boys, playing tennis and going on adventures near and far.

Shane Lawler

Shane Lawler has been providing retirement planning advice for over 20 years. Back then, only the big banks were providing advice. Frustrated with the conflicts-of-interest and high fees, Shane was a pioneer in setting up his own financial planning business and becoming a truly independent adviser.

“Giving my clients peace of mind that their retirement plans are in order is what gives me peace of mind. Many of my clients have been clients for 10 years+ and my very first clients from 20 years ago are still clients today. Getting to know each of my clients on an individual level is what I love most about my role and I truly couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

In his spare time, you’ll find Shane playing cricket with his son, riding a motorbike through Cambodia, or making his wife breakfast-in-bed every Sunday morning.

See what others are saying…

Let’s Get You Retirement Ready!

Still on the fence…. Is this the reason?

We’ve learnt the two things stopping people from obtaining personal retirement planning advice.

The first obstacle is the COST.

Naturally, the cost of personal advice needs to be at a level where you believe you’re going to receive value. If you don’t see value, you’re not going to pay. And, that’s fair enough!

We are so confident that we will put you in a better financial position, that we won’t even let you pay for advice unless the benefits of advice will outweigh the cost.

The other barrier people have to obtaining personal advice is perceived COMMITMENT.

You may feel that if you pick a bad adviser, you’re either stuck with them and paying for poor advice, or you have to think of a polite way to tell them to ‘go stick it’. On the other hand, you might find a good adviser, but they are just so bloody expensive that you can’t commit to the exorbitant fees.

So, in the end you decide not getting advice is preferable to getting stuck in an awkward, hard-to-get-out-of, long-term commitment with an adviser. After all, if you want to build a long-term retirement plan, you need to commit to someone long-term, right? Wrong!

Unlike most retirement planners who convince you that you need them for the rest of your life and make you pay a monthly fee for the privilege, we don’t!

We charge a one-off fee-for-service amount, we learn about you, help you define your goals, provide you with advice, assist with any paperwork required and then send you on your way like a proud parent.

We then simply check-in with you once a year to see if you need any updated advice. If not, we call again the following year. Just like your dentist would. No monthly fees, no ongoing commitment, no regret.

Our guarantee to you

We guarantee advice that will put you in a better financial position.

We have helped hundreds of happy clients optimise their financial position in the lead up to retirement, with a comprehensive retirement plan.

We are 100% confident we can do the same for you.

Let’s Get You Retirement Ready!