Preservation Age Calculator For Superannuation

The superannuation preservation calculator, below, will help you:

  • Calculate your superannuation preservation age; and
  • Determine when you can first have access to your superannuation.

Preservation Age Calculator

The preservation age calculator below allows you to calculate your superannuation preservation age, based on your month and year of birth.

How To Use the Preservation Age Calculator

To use this superannuation preservation calculator, simply follow these steps:

  1. Use the dropdown list to select the date range applicable to your month and year of birth.
  2. This will calculate your superannuation preservation age.

Why Is Your Preservation Age Important?

Your superannuation preservation age is important because it signifies the age that you are eligible to access your superannuation savings.

At the very least, your preservation age allows you to have limited access to your superannuation in the form of a transition to retirement pension, even if you are still working.

Alternatively, if you have reached your preservation age and satisfied the definition of retirement, you can have full, unrestricted access to your superannuation balance.

The definition of retirement includes:

  • Retired with no intention of returning to full-time or part-time work ever again; or
  • Having an employment arrangement come to an end after attaining age 60.

You should always be mindful of any tax implications resulting from a superannuation withdrawal, particularly while under age 60.

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What is a Superannuation Preservation Age Calculator?

A superannuation preservation age calculator allows you to understand your preservation age, so that you can determine the age that you become eligible to access your superannuation.

When to Use a Super Preservation Age Calculator?

You should use a super preservation age calculator when you would like to understand the age that you become eligible to access your superannuation.

Attaining your superannuation preservation age can allow you to employ tax-effective retirement planning strategies, reduce your working hours, or completely retire.

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