Free Online Super Calculators

The free superannuation calculators below can be used to assist in calculating a variety of outcomes for superannuation purposes.

These online superannuation calculators can be used for retirement, contribution or salary related calculations by employees, employers and superannaution members in general.

Recontribution Strategy Calculator
Preservation Age Calculator
Salary Sacrifice Calculator
Super Death Benefits Calculator
Superannuation Guarantee (SG) Calculator
Retirement Age Calculator
Centrelink Deductible Amount Calculator

Minimum Pension Calculator

These calculations should be used as a guide only. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the calculations; however, it is always best to compare against other calculators, formulas or manual calculations.

Please feel free to comment below the relevant online super calculator, on the calculator’s page, if you come across any discrepancies, or would like any improvements made to the calculator.

It is also important to review the publish date of the online calculators on each individual calculator page to ensure that the superannuation calculator you are using is current for your intended purposes.

While best efforts are made to keep these free online superannuation calculators up-to-date, you should always perform your own external calculations to confirm the outcome.