3 Steps to Maximise Your Super For a Stress-free Retirement

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Hosted by: Shane Lawler & Chris Strano


1. BLOCK OUT 45 MINUTES: Make sure you block out at least 45 minutes of your time to truly make the most of this workshop.

2. USE A COMPUTER: Make sure that you attend the webinar using your DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer. The workshop software we use doesn’t behave well with mobile phones or iPads, so to ensure the best viewing experience use a computer.

3. GET YOUR BOOK: The ‘10 Secret Super Strategies Revealed’ digital book will be handed out to all attendees during the workshop. Make sure you show up to get your own free copy of the book.


Here’s what you can expect to learn from this workshop:

The super-simple way to reduce your tax by $3,500 every single year without spending a cent; plus

A little known tactic to boost your super earnings by a further $3,000, annually; and

Our complete retirement plan blueprint showing you exactly how to comfortably fund your retirement lifestyle

We will show you how to make the most of your super and build a solid retirement plan that will help you achieve all those retirement goals you’ve set for yourself.