The Disability Support Pension may be available to people who have a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric condition that stops them from working.

The amount of Disability Support that you are eligible for can be impacted by you or your partner’s income or assets.

The basic eligibility requirements for the Disability Pension are:

  • Between age 16 and Age Pension Age
  • Permanently blind or have been assessed as  having a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric impairment
  • Unable to work, or being restrained for work, for 15 hours or more per week at or above the relevant minimum wage within the next two years because of impairment
  • Been assessed as having a severe impairment or as having actively participated in a program of support

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How much is the Disability Support Pension?

As of 1 January 2014, the Disability Support payments were as follows:

Maximum payment rates over age 21 or under 21 with children Maximum rate per fortnight
Single $751.70
A member of a couple $566.60 each or $1133.20 combined
Couple separated due to ill health $751.70 each
Under 21 with no children Maximum rate per fortnight
Single under 18 at home $345.00
Single under 18 independent $532.60
Single 18-20 at home $391.00
Single 18-20 independent $532.60
A member of a couple up to age 20 $532.60

Much more detailed information can be found here on the Government Human Services website in relation to the Disability Support Pension

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