Average Retirement Savings in Australia: Are You On Track?

Average Retirement Savings in Australia

The average amount saved for retirement is increasing over time, largely due to compulsory savings via the superannuation guarantee system.

However, there are still inadequacies with this system, such as disadvantages for women who typically earn less and have fewer working years compared to their male counterparts.

Another example is self-employed people in Australia, for which there is no mandatory requirement to contribute to super.

So, what are the average retirement savings in Australia?

Average Retirement Savings By Age: Are You  on Track?

The average amount saved for retirement for each age group is shown in the table below. You will see there are variances, not only by age, but also between males and females.

Under 18$11,710$7,455
18 to 24 years$8,148$7,328
25 to 29 years$25,981$23,429
30 to 34 years$56,344$46,289
35 to 39 years$95,937$75,785
40 to 44 years$139,431$107,538
45 to 49 years$190,716$142,037
50 to 54 years$246,955$182,167
55 to 59 years$316,457$236,530
60 to 64 years$402,838$318,203
65-69 years$453,075$403,038
70 to 74 years$509,059$451,523
75 years and older$507,556$436,865

How does your super compare with the average? Where do you stand and is it enough?

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Importantly, average retirement savings do not truly represent where the ordinary Australian stands. A much more representative figure is the median retirement savings amount.

Average Retirement Savings vs Median Retirement Savings

There is a significant difference between the average retirement savings and the median retirement savings for each age group in Australia. Average retirement savings tend to inflate a more realistic picture.

To be clear, the average is defined as the total amount held within superannuation, divided by the number of account balances. Whereas, the median is defined as the middle value  – specifically, half of the total number of account balances have a higher value and half of the account balances have a lower number.

The median figures better represent super balances in Australia, because unlike the average figures, the median are not skewed by exceptionally high or low outliers.

The chart and table below illustrates both median and average Australian account balances, as a result of data and statistics collated by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

AgeMale (Average)Male (Median)Female (Average)Female (Median)
Under 18$11,710$307$7,455$187
18 to 24 years$8,148$4,198$7,328$3,899
25 to 29 years$25,981$17,243$23,429$17,528
30 to 34 years$56,344$41,849$46,289$35,716
35 to 39 years$95,937$74,062$75,785$57,401
40 to 44 years$139,431$106,771$107,538$77,644
45 to 49 years$190,716$139,850$142,037$96,575
50 to 54 years$246,955$167,002$182,167$112,943
55 to 59 years$316,457$191,263$236,530$130,714
60 to 64 years$402,838$211,996$318,203$158,806
65-69 years$453,075$213,986$403,038$201,233
70 to 74 years$509,059$216,564$451,523$212,462
75 years and older$507,556$174,179$436,865$168,973

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Average Retirement Savings at Age 65

The average retirement savings at 65 in Australia is around $430,000 for a male and $360,000 for a female.

Average Retirement Savings by Age 60

The average retirement savings at 60 in Australia is around $360,000 for a male and $275,000 for a female.

Average Retirement Savings at Age 55

The average retirement savings at 55 in Australia is around $280,000 for a male and $210,000 for a female.

Average Retirement Savings by Age 50

The average retirement savings at 50 in Australia is around $220,000 for a male and $160,000 for a female.

What is the Average Retirement Savings for a Married Couple?

The average retirement savings at retirement for a married couple will depend on the ages of the married couple upon retirement. However, if we were to assume the couple were both aged 60 at retirement, then the average retirement savings for a married couple would be approximately $635,000, combined. If the couple retired at 65, it would be $790,000, combined.

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Ways to Increase Retirement Savings

Some ways to increase retirement savings include:

  • Become an employee to receive superannuation guarantee contributions
  • Arrange with your employer to salary sacrifice part of your wage into superannuation
  • Make personal deductible contributions to super
  • Make personal after-tax contributions to super
  • Change your super investment option in an attempt to achieve higher returns

It’s always best to seek personal financial advice prior to making any additional contributions to super, or changing investment options, to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

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