A list of superannuation companies in Australia is detailed below. These include most of the prominent superannuation providers in Australia.

Some superannuation funds and retirement accounts have similar names, yet they each have a unique identification number, which can be found here.

There are a wide range of Superannuation Companies in Australia. This includes industry superannuation funds, corporate superannuation funds, public sector superannuation funds retail superannuation funds and industry superannuation funds.

Shown below is a fairly comprehensive list of superannuation funds in Australia.

You will find links to the majority of the superannuation companies in the table below. Some of the superannuation funds below have been wound up. A brief description of the differences between the types of superannuation funds listed above can be found here.

If the superannuation fund you are looking for cannot be found in this list, you can find an up-to-date list of superannuation funds in Australia by following link to Super Fund lookup at the bottom of this article.

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Superannuation Companies in Australia – list of superannuation funds

The list of superannuation funds below is not an exhaustive list of Superannuation Companies in Australia, but contains many of the 300+ funds in Australia:

Fund Name Type
AIA Superannuation Fund Retail
AMG Universal Super Retail
ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme Corporate
AON Master Trust Retail
Asgard Superannuation Retail
AusBev Superannuation Fund Corporate
Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund Industry
Australian Christian Superannuation Fund Corporate
Australian Ethical Retail Superannuation Fund Retail
Australian Government Employees Superannuation Trust Industry
Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust Industry
Australian YMCA Superannuation Fund Corporate
AustralianSuper Industry
AustSafe Superannuation Fund Industry
AvSuper Public Sector
Bankwest Staff Superannuation Plan Corporate
Beacon Superannuation Plan Retail
BHP Billiton Superannuation Fund Corporate
Bluescope Steel Superannuation Fund Corporate
BOC Gases Superannuation Fund Corporate
BT Lifetime Super Retail
BT Lifetime Super – Employer Plan Retail
Bundaberg Sugar Ltd Superannuation Plan Corporate
CareSuper Industry
Catholic Superannuation Fund Industry
Challenger Retirement Fund Retail
Chifley Super Retail
Christian Super Retail
Clark Group Superannuation Fund Corporate
Club Plus Superannuation Scheme Industry
Club Super Industry
Coal Industry Superannuation Fund Public Sector
Colonial First State FirstChoice Superannuation Trust Retail
Colonial First State Rollover & Superannuation Fund Retail
Colonial Super Retirement Fund Retail
Commerce Industry Superannuation Fund Industry
Commonwealth Bank Approved Deposit Fund Retail
Commonwealth Life Personal Superannuation Fund Retail
Concept One Superannuation Plan Industry
Construction and Building Unions Superannuation (CBUS) Industry
Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) Fund Public Sector
CUBS Superannuation Fund Retail
DAS Superannuation Fund Corporate
DBP Master Superannuation Plan Corporate
Dow Australia Superannuation Fund Corporate
DPM Retirement Service Retail
DuluxGroup Employees Superannuation Fund Corporate
Energy Super Industry
EquipSuper Industry
EquitySuper Retail
ExxonMobil Superannuation Plan Corporate
Fairbrother Employees Retirement Fund Retail
Fiducian Superannuation Fund Retail
Fire and Emergency Services Superannuation Fund (FES) Public Sector
First Quest Retirement Services Retail
First State Superannuation Scheme (First State Super) Public Sector
FreshFood Superannuation Fund Corporate
Gillette Australia Superannuation Fund Corporate
Goldman Sachs & JBWere Superannuation Fund Corporate
Greater Staff Superannuation Fund Corporate
Grow Super Industry
Guild Retirement Fund Retail
Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd Superannuation Plan Corporate
Harwood Superannuation Fund Corporate
Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia (HESTA) Industry
Health Industry Plan (HIP) Industry
HHH Superannuation Fund Corporate
HLB Mann Judd Superannuation Plan Corporate
Holden Employees Superannuation Fund Corporate
HOSTPLUS Superannuation Fund Industry
HUB24 Super Fund Retail
IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan Corporate
IBM Australia Ltd Superannuation Fund Corporate
Incitec Pivot Employees Superannuation Fund Corporate
Integral Superannuation Fund Retail
Intrust Super Fund Industry
IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund Retail
IRIS Superannuation Fund Industry
ISARF Superannuation Fund Retail
Kellogg Retirement Fund Corporate
Kingston Superannuation Trust Retail
L&H Group Superannuation Fund Corporate
Law Employees Superannuation Fund (LESF) Industry
LegalSuper Industry
Lifefocus Superannuation Fund Retail
Lifetime Superannuation Fund Retail
Linfox Staff Superannuation Fund Corporate
Local Authorities Superannuation Fund (Vision Super) Public Sector
Local Government Superannuation Scheme (LG Super) Public Sector
Lutheran Super Corporate
Macquarie ADF Superannuation Fund Retail
Macquarie Superannuation Plan Retail
Macquarie University Professorial Superannuation Scheme Corporate
MAP Superannuation Plan Retail
Maple-Brown Abbott Staff Superannuation Fund Corporate
Maritime Super Industry
Mars Australia Retirement Plan Corporate
Meat Industry Employees Superannuation Fund (MIESF) Industry
Media Super Industry
Mercer Portfolio Service Superannuation Plan Retail
Mercer Super Trust Retail
Mercy Super Corporate
MLC Superannuation Fund Retail
MLCS Superannuation Trust Retail
MTAA Superannuation Fund Industry
Navigator Eligible Rollover Fund Retail
Nestle Australia Group Superannuation Fund Corporate
NSW Electrical Superannuation Scheme (NESS) Industry
NGS Super Industry
Nissan Superannuation Plan Corporate
Nufarm Employees Superannuation Trust Corporate
Oasis Superannuation Master Trust Retail
OnePath Master Fund Retail
Onestep Superannuation Fund Retail
Oracle Superannuation Plan Corprate
Perpetual Select Superannuation Fund Retail
Plum Superannuation Fund Retail
Port of Melbourne Superannuation Fund Corporate
Powerwrap Master Plan Retail
Prime Superannuation Fund Industry
Progressive Superannuation Fund Retail
Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (PSS Scheme) Public Sector
Qantas Superannuation Plan Corporate
Quadrant Superannuation Scheme Industry
Queensland Independent Education & Care Superannuation Trust (QIEC Super) Industry
Rei Super Industry
Reserve Bank of Australia Officers Superannuation Fund Public Sector
Retail Employees Superannuation Trust (REST) Industry
Retirement Portfolio Service Retail
Rexel Australia Superannuation Plan Corporate
Rio Tinto Staff Superannuation Fund Corporate
Russell Supersolution Master Trust Retail
Salic Superannuation Fund Retail
Schering-Plough Superannuation Fund Corporate
Scientific Testing & Applied Technical Services Superannuation Plan Corporate
Shell Australia Superannuation Fund Corporate
Sparxx Superannuation Fund Corporate
Staedtler Executive Superannuation Fund Corporate
Standard Communications Employees Superannuation Fund Corporate
Star Portfolio Superannuation Fund Retail
State Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (Qsuper) Public Sector
State Super Fixed Term Pension Plan Retail
State Super Retirement Fund Retail
Statewide Superannuation Trust (Statewide Super) Industry
Stone Superannuation Fund Corporate
Suncorp Defined Benefit Fund Corporate
Suncorp Master Trust Retail
Sunsuper Superannuation Fund Industry
Super Synergy Fund Retail
Symetry Personal Retirement Fund Retail
TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund Retail
Tasplan Superannuation Fund Industry
Taxi Industry Superannuation Fund Retail
Telstra Superannuation Scheme Corporate
The Allied Unions Superannuation Trust Industry
The ARA Retirement Fund Retail
The Bendigo Superannuation Plan Retail
The Industry Superannuation Fund Industry
The Portfolio Service Retirement Fund (IOOF) Retail
The PPS Corporate Superannuation Fund Retail
The State Bank Supersafe Approved Deposit Fund Retail
The Transport Industry Superannuation Fund (the TIS fund) Industry
The Universal Super Scheme(MLC) Retail
The University of Adelaide Superannuation Scheme A 1985 Corporate
The University of New England Professorial Superannuation Fund Corporate
The University of New South Wales Professorial Superannuation Fund Corporate
The University of Sydney Professorial Superannuation System Corporate
The University of Wollongong Professorial Superannuation Scheme Corporate
The Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund (VISSF) Industry
Toyota Australia Superannuation Plan Corporate
Toyota Employees Superannuation Trust (Toyota Super) Corporate
TWU Superannuation Fund Industry
UniSuper Industry
United Technologies Corporation Retirement Plan Corporate
Uniting Church in Australia Beneficiary Fund Corporate
Vanguard Personal Superannuation Plan Retail
Victorian Superannuation Fund (VicSuper) Industry
Virgin Superannuation Retail
Vision Superannuation Fund (Vision Super) Industry
WA Local Government Superannuation Plan (WA Local Super) Public Sector
Water Corporation Superannuation Plan Corporate
Wealthcare Superannuation Service Retail
Westpac Mastertrust – Superannuation Division Retail
Westpac Personal Superannuation Fund Retail
William Adams Employees Superannuation Fund Corporate
Wood and Grieve Superannuation Fund Corporate
Worsley Alumina Superannuation Fund Corporate
Zurich Group Superannuation Fund Corporate
Zurich Master Superannuation Fund Retail

Superannuation Companies in Australia

There are a number of other Superannuation Companies in Australia that have not been included in the list above. It is important that you read the relevant disclosure document prior to investing in any superannuation fund on this list, or otherwise, to ensure that you fully understand the fees, risks, operations and workings associated with a particular superannuation fund and have the ability to compare them against other superannuation offerings.

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Superannuation Companies in Australia are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

You are able to download a comprehensive list of Superannuation Companies in Australia at  Super Fund Lookup once you register and obtain a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID), which must be provided each time you download the file.

If you would like anything clarified or have any further questions about Superannuation Companies in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide) or any other topics, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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